Create a Frame for People to be Heroes

Through a Picture Frame Seeing a Bright Future

“PASSION IS ENERGY. FEEL THE POWER THAT COMES FROM FOCUSING ON WHAT EXCITES YOU.” OPRAH WINFREY Recently, I witnessed two different ways to handle the same challenge. I attended two meetings. The goal of each meeting was to choose a way forward that would affect many people for a long time. In each meeting, there […]

Make The Audience Part of a Grand Story


“THIS IS THE POWER OF GATHERING: IT INSPIRES US, DELIGHTFULLY, TO BE MORE HOPEFUL, MORE JOYFUL, MORE THOUGHTFUL: IN A WORD, MORE ALIVE.” ALICE WATERS I have observed many all-hands meetings. The mediocre sessions address a distracted audience. The worst ones have an audience who leave with less energy than they entered with. The best […]

Why Invest $ in Training, Coaching, & Making Leaders Better?

Training Pays Off

YOU MUST HAVE CONVICTION. THE FIRST SALE IS TO YOURSELF. “THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN TRAINING YOUR EMPLOYEES AND HAVING THEM LEAVE IS NOT TRAINING THEM AND HAVING THEM STAY.” — HENRY FORD Leadership is the number one factor in organizational and team productivity. In one of my Masters of Science courses, I learned an important […]

When Sparks Fly, Use The Heat To Forge Stronger Ideas

“WHEN SPARKS FLY, SOME TRULY GREAT IDEAS COME TO LIGHT.” — DAVID HEINEMEIER HANSSON Even on the small screen of the video conference, the body language was clear. The teammates were about to engage in an argument based on some firmly held beliefs. The sparks were going to fly. At points like this, the two most […]