What We Do

We maniacally focus on enabling engineers and leaders to deliver upon the fundamental Obligations of Engineering: value, quality, speed to value, making commitments you can meet or beat, and using data and expert judgment with courage and conviction. 

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We Can Help You and Your Organization

Increase Speed to Value

Bring your ideas, products and features to market faster to deliver value to the customer and the company.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

It’s not only the Rock Star engineers that get to pick their place, it’s a seller’s market for everyone these days. Create an environment that people seek out.

Reduce Time Lost to Rework

Spend more time working for the future and less time looking in the rearview mirror fixing yesterday’s problems.

Meet Every Deadline

Wanna make friends and influence executives? Meet or even beat every commitment you make.

Dramatically Improve Morale

Create a great work environment and watch productivity and innovation soar. It’s amazing the impact a happy team can have on the business.

Avoid Preventable Setbacks

Hey, life isn’t perfect. But let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot along the way. Make fewer preventable mistakes to keep moving forward.

Eliminate Tech Debt

Stop paying interest on a debt you didn’t rack up. You can improve your speed without sacrificing quality.

Reduce Design Complexity

Design elegant software
that is easier to code and maintain. You’ll save time, money, and long-term heartache.

Develop New Features Faster

Bring your innovative ideas and new features to life faster for competitive advantage.

Exceptional Engineering Experience

An exclusive program that enables leaders and engineers to master the X-Factors of Commitment, Quality, Value, and Culture. 


Quality Deep Dive

Gain a deep understanding of quality management for high-tech systems development and an action plan to successfully implement them for immediate impact. 


Technical Debt Deep Dive

This is an immersive and highly collaborative workshop and training experience for elite engineers and team leaders looking to tame  technical debt within their organization for good.