Quality Is Critical To Speed to Value

Expect Delays

“QUALITY IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT. IT IS ALWAYS THE RESULT OF INTELLIGENT EFFORT.” – JOHN RUSKIN We were preparing to buy a birthday present. We planned to purchase the latest, about to be released, expansion to a favorite video game.  We paused and did some research. We’ve noticed that quite a few major game franchises […]

Without Data, Talk About Quality Is Just Talk

Data Everywhere

IMMUTABLE LAW OF SPEED #4:THE HIGHER THE COST OF REWORK, THE SLOWER YOU ARE GOING.— FROM ALAN WILLETT’S BOOK, LEAD WITH SPEED This old picture I found well represents what I am talking about today. That broken axel has disrupted everyone’s workday. This disruption removes everyone involved from any creative work they were doing to […]

That Feeling When What You Delivered Doesn’t Work

That Sick Feeling

INSTEAD, KNOW IT WILL WORK “GIVE THEM QUALITY. THAT’S THE BEST KIND OF ADVERTISING.”  — MILTON HERSHEY Everyone in the NASA mission control live feed was in varying states of despair. I vividly remember watching this with the same feeling of worry myself. One of the Mars probes had failed to respond after the estimated […]

One Critical Thing is the Start of Customer Loyalty

Quality Level Knob

“TRUST IS THE GLUE OF LIFE. IT’S THE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE THAT HOLDS ALL RELATIONSHIPS.” — STEPHEN COVEY Takeout nights had usually been a delight for us, but one night became quite stressful.   After carefully placing the order for the six of us, I drove to town and picked up the food. Once I arrived […]