Honed over decades of working with individuals, teams, and entire organizations, we provide the expertise and one-of-a-kind method proven to solve the core of your biggest problems.

Exceptional Experiences

A small number of people from within engineering typically define the culture for the entire organization. We call those the exceptional few. Exceptional Difference programs provide the exceptional few the amplified power to drive a culture of excellence throughout an organization.

Deep Dive Workshops

You will gain a deep understanding of specific subject areas in high-tech systems development and an action plan to successfully implement lessons in their organization for immediate impact. Together we’ll ensure each step is focused on the economics of quality and speed to value for your customers.

Customized Solutions

In addition to our proven courses and workshops, we offer training, coaching, or consulting tailored to your specific needs. As we gain a better understanding of your organization, its people, and their challenges, we can help you design a program that best fits your goals. 


Exceptional Engineering Experience

This fully immersive experience provides the tools and training to those elite engineers whose talent and drive can change the trajectory of a team or entire organization. 


Exceptional Executive Experience

The goal of this program is to empower highly-motivated leaders with the wisdom and tools they need to create high-performance teams, no matter the current state of the business. 

Quality Icon

Quality Deep Dive Workshop

This program provides the critical blueprint needed to make a fundamental, lasting, and dramatic change in the way engineers and teams deliver amazing products. 

Custom Training

Can’t choose from the menu, no problem. We’ll have our chef whip up something special for you and your team. Tell us what’s on your mind, what’s bugging you, and we’ll help you construct the perfect custom training option. 


Sometimes you just need to pick the brains of smart people who understand where you are coming from. We can do that too. As an added bonus, we’ve got enough gray hair you can take us into your board room.


There are times when an outside coach can make a world of difference, whether for your engineers or managers. With the right balance of hard/tech and soft/people skills, we can help bring out the best in your best people.