For more than two decades, we have helped engineers and their teams gain control of their world And Build Better Software

What may sound like an impossible dream to many is just another day at the office for all of us here at Exceptional Difference. 

You see, we know how frustrating it can be to build software when things just don’t seem to click. 

We know how deflating it can be to put all of your ideas and effort into a product only to see it fraught with defect upon defect after a rushed launch

We know how challenging it can be to walk the tightrope between the dev team and company management, massaging egos on both ends of the building. 

But we also know that great teams, great engineers, and great success stories are within reach of any organization. 

It’s the reason we created Exceptional Difference in the first place. We’ve known there is a better way to deliver great quality software. A way that doesn’t take a toll on good people. We are deadly serious about that. 

But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is short, after all 🙂

So, once you have made your way through this little website of ours and are ready to get control of your life and your work environment, we hope you will reach out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

1 %
of rework eliminated
1 %
Reduction in design complexity
1 %
increase in speed to develop new features

What we can do for you

Increase Speed to Value

Bring your ideas, products and features to market faster to deliver value to the customer and the company.

Meet Every Deadline

Wanna make friends and influence executives? Meet or even beat every commitment you make.

Eliminate Technical Debt

Stop paying interest on a debt you didn't rack up. You can improve your speed without sacrificing quality.

Attract and Retain Top Engineering Talent

It's not only the Rock Star engineers that get to pick their place, it's a seller's market for everyone these days. Create an environment that people seek out.

Dramatically Improve Morale

Create a great work environment and watch productivity and innovation soar. It's amazing the impact a happy team can have on the business.

Reduce Design Complexity

Design elegant software that is easier to code and maintain. You'll save time, money, and long-term heartache.

Reduce Time Lost to Rework

Spend more time working for the future and less time looking in the rearview mirror fixing yesterday's problems.

Avoid Preventable Setbacks

Hey, life isn't perfect. But let's not shoot ourselves in the foot along the way. Make fewer preventable mistakes to keep moving forward.

Develop New Features Faster

Bring your innovative ideas and new features to life faster for competitive advantage.

We Understand and We can help

Alan’s knowledge of software development and ways to improve productivity, estimation, and quality have helped me succeed in every role to date. His mentoring has provided a benchmark for how I approach difficult situations.

Dave Howerton


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