Technical Debt kills momentum and morale, but it doesn't have to be that way

There is a way to eliminate this "silent killer" once you understand its principles and know the right steps to take

Workshop Description

The Technical Debt Deep Dive is a transformative and immersive training experience for elite engineers and team leaders looking to tame technical debt within their organization.

In this hands-on, and highly-collaborative workshop participants learn and immediately implement the steps necessary to:

  1. Acquire a deep understanding of technical debt
  2. Gain control over it once and for all  
  3. Realize immediate impact by applying our proven methods

What You’ll Learn

  • The 7 different types of technical debt and how they affect your organization
  • The data you need to reduce your debt and how to get it
  • How to build a comprehensive Tech Debt Map ( to get the full view)
  • How it got there and the root causes to address
  • How to effectively conquer it once and for all
  • How to gain buy-in throughout your team
  • How to prevent it from returning
  • How to estimate and measure the ROI of tech debt elimination
  • How to build a compelling case for tech debt investment by demonstrating how to achieve greater speed to value

What Your Organization Will Gain

  • Newfound “headcount” by freeing up shocking amounts of wasted time
  • A culture of innovation and excellence that inspires people to take ownership and deliver their best at all times
  • A cascading effect of productivity and momentum by removing the burden of technical debt that is holding your team back
  • High-performance teams that dramatically accelerate “speed to value” for users and customers
  • The ability to create and sustain positive change for the long haul
  • The ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Game-changing energy and enthusiasm as the team focuses on meaningful work

Who Should Participate in the Deep Dive?

Anyone and everyone who is close to the development/integration process, for example:

  • Developers
  • Team leaders
  • Leaders/Managers of team leaders
  • Quality Assurance

The ideal candidate has a natural intuition about the “big picture” of systems and takes on responsibility. They are action-oriented, principle-driven, and base their decisions on empirical data. They accomplish big things regardless of risks and barriers. They want to make
a difference.

They want to get technical debt out of their way to do great work!

Typical Results

Graduates of the workshop have achieved great results in improving quality. Examples include:

  • Reduced the time lost to technical debt by 50-90%
  • Improved customer loyalty due to the improved quality of your deliverables
  • Improved employee retention/attraction due to pride in the quality of the results being delivered
  • Improved control over project timelines

If you want to achieve bigger and better things, you must learn to master and eliminate your technical debt

Don’t wait another month or year to address this morale-killing time-suck. Reach out to Exceptional Difference today to discover if this workshop is right for you.  

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