Course Objectives

The goal of this program is to provide high-technology product development executives with the mindset and methods to create a high-performance organization.  At Exceptional Difference LLC, we believe that being an Exceptional Executive is a choice you make intentionally. You must do so with a clear vision that the exceptional path initially appears more difficult, but ultimately is more rewarding for the executives and those they lead.

The Exceptional Executive Experience is an exclusive program to guide executives in how to create an environment of excellence, to know what to expect from high-performance teams, and to ensure that project leaders and their teams are masters of the X-Factors of Culture, Commitment, Quality, and Value.

Participants will gain:

  • A deep understanding of what a high-performance organization looks like through behaviors and data
  • The knowledge to understand what data to ask for and how to ensure the data is honest, accurate, and used to improve
  • An ability to engrain the relentless pursuit of value in your project leadership and their teams
  • The tools required to find new ways to lead your organization turn over every rock, looking for ways to go faster
  • An understanding of how to ask the questions that lead your teams to make smart, aggressive commitments that they keep
  • The knowledge to know when and how to recognize (and sometimes reward) results over sweat
  • What it takes to create an environment that attracts and retains top talent
  • An understanding of how to provide the support for engaging in debate where the heat of argument results in innovation
  • Skills to coach, mentor, and empower your protégés to excel
  • Empowerment to take responsibility for your own destiny and that of your organization.
Executive Engineer Chart


The Executive Experience is designed for managers that are responsible for multiple system development departments and teams.

Duration and Cadence

  • The experience takes place over an eight-week period with focused learning for each week.
  • Each week starts with a two-hour dialog led by an expert coach that includes reading, exercises, and assignments.
  • Personal coaching sessions are available to each executive in the cohort.

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