Course Objectives

The goal of this program is to empower leaders to create high-performance teams.  At Exceptional Difference LLC, we believe that being an Exceptional Leader is a choice you make intentionally. You must do so with a clear vision that the exceptional path is initially more difficult, but ultimately more rewarding.

The Exceptional Engineering Experience is an exclusive program helping leaders and engineers master the x-factors of culture, commitment, quality, and value. Specifically, this experience covers the following topics:

  • Characteristics and value of being exceptional in the development of software-intensive systems
  • Make commitments that you can keep or beat Deliver high-quality systems and solutions with a minimum of rework
  • Master design principles that lead to best value for organizations and stakeholders
  • Manage a portfolio of projects that focuses on speed to value for stakeholders
  • Create positive and energizing work environments
  • Amplify the abilities of your teams and those teams around you
  • How to inspire team members to relentlessly pursue value for their organization and its customers
  • Ways to lead teams to leave no stone unturned when looking for ways to go faster
  • Creating an environment that attracts and retains highly-coveted top talent
  • Certainty that team friction results in the constructive heat of innovation
  • Skills for coaching, mentoring, and empowering your protégés to excel
  • Empowerment to take responsibility for your own destiny
Executive Engineer Chart

Duration and Cadence

  • The Exceptional Engineering Experience takes place over an extended period. Each x-factor consists of three sprints.

  • Sprints start with a two-hour dialog led by an expert coach that are accompanied by reading assignments and real-time on-the-job exercises with direct application and benefit to the project.

  • Expert coaching is provided for each participant in how they can best apply the various concepts to realize immediate benefit of their jobs and their organization. Coaching is provided via office hours and direct one-on-one correspondence.

The Exceptional Difference is Active On-the-Job Learning

Typical training offerings are “passive learning” offerings that are delivered in a short period of time with academic exercises. Often these offerings do no lead to lasting change. Our approach recognizes that the most effective learning happens over a period of time in an environment where new concepts can applied in real- world settings with built-in feedback loops. This an on-the-job experience with expert coaches pushing participants to reach their highest potential of “Engage,” “Apply,” and “Amplify” in the figure below.

Retaining Knowledge

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