Eliminate Software Quality Problems For Good

(And never miss a deadline again)

The Short and Sweet Version

  • Exceptional Difference offers a one-of-a-kind, transformative training experience called the Quality Deep Dive
  • This program is for elite engineers and team leaders (like you) who are looking to master the art and science of delivering high quality products
  • The benefits of this program are numerous and highly consequential, surely to reverberate through your entire organization
  • One of the many reasons this training is so effective is because it requires participants to apply your newfound knowledge on your real-world projects
  • The Coaches/Mentors running the program are pioneers in the field of software quality

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The Long, But Totally Worth Reading Version

Anyone who has worked on a dev team for more than ten minutes has experienced the pyrrhic victory of launching a product we all know is going to be a nightmare to clean up after.

It’s become so common we’ve bought into the lie that this is just the way it’s done. 

We march toward an arbitrary deadline, work heroically long hours and cut corners along the way to get the product out the door. 

Then the dashboard lights up during testing and the finger-pointing commences. 

Hey, no one WANTS to deliver a crappy product. We’re all professionals, after all. 

We got into this business because we are good at designing and coding elegant solutions. Heck, back when we had time we used to build cool stuff just for fun. 

But somewhere along the way, this sacrifice became the norm. Teams across industries seem to accept low quality as the price of getting stuff done. 

C’mon, QA was never supposed to be a backstop for all the poor decisions made from day one.

When you have time to reflect you think to yourself, “there has to be a better way.”

You would be right. There is a better way…

  • One that doesn’t sacrifice innovation for quality
  • Or slow projects to a crawl in order to deliver quality 
  • Or pit one team against another 
  • Or expect people to sacrifice their personal and family time just to meet unrealistic expectations

For More Than Two Decades, We Have Helped Engineers And Their Teams Gain Control Of Their World And Build Better Software

  • We know how frustrating it can be to build software when things just don’t seem to click (pun intended).
  • We know how deflating it can be to put all of your ideas and effort into a product only to see it fraught with defect upon defect after a rushed launch
  • We know how challenging it can be to walk the tightrope between the dev team and company management, massaging egos on both ends of the building
  • But we also know that great teams, great engineers, and great success stories are within reach of any organization. 


This highly immersive experience delivers results you can see almost immediately…

Dramatically reduce the number of defects during development, thereby reducing rework (90% reduction, on average)

Have accurate and actionable project data at your fingertips to make better estimates and decisions

  • Eliminate the need for heroic measures by the team to make your delivery deadlines
  • Spend more time designing and coding new features
  • It will teach you how to create and sustain positive change from the ground up
  • It will help you instill a culture of innovation and quality across the organization
  • It will help you attract and retain top talent and people will seek you out as a place of employment

In short, this unique program will have a powerful and positive impact on your development for decades to come

You see, this program was developed by some of the early pioneers in the field of software quality. It has been tested and proven in some of the most critical systems environments in the world. Places where product defects mean actual life or death.

What you will learn in this transformative course…

  • The 6 core reasons why software quality suffers and how to permanently resolve them
  • How to eliminate the 3 common roadblocks to a high-performance team 
  • How your business culture determines your defect rate, and how one person can make a lasting impact
  • How to actually use the data you already have to eliminate defects and rework for good
  • Why a focus on tools and methodology will never fix your quality issues
  • Powerful methods you can immediately apply to improve quality and speed
  • How to apply the lessons from escaped defects to drive improvement 
  • How to switch from reactive to high-value testing
  •  How to understand the connections between quality, technical debt, and velocity


Haven’t we heard all this before? Short answer, no. 

There is nothing like this program. We say that with confidence. We hesitate to even call it “training” because it is so much more. 

Unlike the meager offerings and false alternatives currently available to ROCK STAR ENGINEERS, this is not some boring PowerPoint training you can barely sit through. This program is for high achievers ready to engage and make big changes from day one.

In fact, it is unlike anything you have experienced before…

  • Methodology and programming language agnostic. Agile or waterfall. Javascript or Java. Doesn’t matter to us. In fact, you’ll learn why methodology alone cannot address the root problems.
  • Based on immutable laws of engineering. Fads come and go. Some things do not change. Our program is built upon these laws and the lessons you learn will stand the test of time.
  • Uses actual data. You will learn how to collect, interpret and use project data as a foundation for your development efforts and communication within the company.
  • Cross-functional group training allows high achievers from leadership and development alike to learn and grow together. 
  • Immersive experience teaches these principles through real-world problems in your real-world projects. 


This program has the power to turn any team around, no matter the level of dysfunction.

Now, you might be thinking, “this sounds waaaayy too good to be true.” And you’d be partly right. It IS WAAAAAY TOO GOOD. 

But it is true. 

Don’t believe us? That’s understandable. But, listen to what some of our recent Exceptional Engineers have to say about their experiences:

So the impact on my job… was almost immediate and it was pretty substantial.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.01.59 PM

Dylan Greiner

If you are looking to find ways to perform better and deliver better, then I’d definitely recommend it because I’ve seen the results firsthand and they have been incredible.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.01.05 PM

Seemin Suleri

Each week I took what I learned and immediately applied it to myself and my team. We now all have so much more control over deadlines and quality.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.03.24 PM

Francisco Javier

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As you can see, the impact is real. The program is unique. And to top it off, your satisfaction with the program is LITERALLY GUARANTEED.

Hey, we don’t want to come off cheesy, like the late Billy Mays selling Sham-Wows! on late-night cable TV, offering a money-back guarantee. 

But we do want to eliminate any concerns or hesitation you or your boss might have about this program. So we’re just going to put this out there and say it…

We are so confident that you will find this system transformative and such a positive experience we offer a money-back guarantee within the first ten days of the program. That means no risk to you at all to give it a test drive. 

If in ten days you don’t feel it is as we have promised, you can cancel and we will refund your payment in full. 

You have nothing to risk. And nothing to lose…

Except for the massive bug list, constant rework, missed family dinners, team dysfunction, constant chaos, a mountain of technical debt, lost sleep, stomach ulcers, and feeling that you could be doing much, much better. 

By now you are likely on the edge of your seat, shouting “Shut up! Take my money (or my boss’s budget)!”

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there are some things about this program you should know. (This is the part where we try to unsell you so that only the truly motivated stick with us:)

  1. This program requires you to show up and do the work. While the workload is manageable, there is no room for cutting corners. 
  2. Likewise, this requires you to be engaged. There is no option to sit passively on Zoom calls while you peruse Amazon or reply to work emails. 

So, if you are cool with these terms and are willing to make the changes, this will transform you.

And your team.

And your organization. 

Before registering for the course, an Exceptional Difference Coach will conduct a 30-minute, 1-on-1 interview with you to make sure this would, in fact, benefit you. 

If you are ready to move your career forward, improve your work-life balance, and get back to the business of software innovation, click here to submit an application.

Meet The Exceptional Difference Trainers

Julia Mullaney


With a commitment to changing the world of software engineering, Julia Mullaney, a co-founder of Exceptional Difference, is an award-winning engineer, instructor, leader, and consultant who has worked with software companies in many industries across the globe.

Alan Willett


Expert consultant, speaker, and award-winning author of Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People, and Lead With Speed, Alan Willett is co-founder of Exceptional Difference. Alan works with clients around the world, and of course, throughout the United States.

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